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About me

My name is Dessy and I create art. Because everything I do is art.

It doesn’t matter if you want a website redo or the whole visual identity for your brand, or maybe just a refreshed copy and marketing strategy – it will be a piece of art.

It is too easy to say that I’ve always known what I wanted to do, or that I’ve worked hard my whole life to be where I am today so I can be able to provide you these services.

But, as it happens sometimes in life, this was not exactly the case. Yes, I’ve always felt deep into my heart that I wanted to create. I’ve always wanted to draw, paint, write… But I haven’t always had the guts to do it.

If there is something you have to know about me it is my sincerity. I hate dishonest people and injustice and this is something that goes along with my services. If you expect me to be soft and nice when I don’t like something or I don’t feel it is the right fit for the brand or project – please find another person for the job. Because I will always go out of my way to create the perfect fit, even if this means I have to stay up all night or I have to tell you to your face that something’s not right.

What I actually do…

Maybe you’re lost in all the things I said in this site and everything I have to offer you?

I understand you – I was lost too. I’ve always been so multi-passionate that I’ve found it difficult to stay focused only on one thing at a time.

I like languages – I like arts. I like investigations – I like books. Which one should I choose?

The actual question is – Why would I have to choose?

I struggled to decide which way to go. I started studying languages… Then, I started design too. I wanted to study one – I ended up working the other. Then again, then again…


I realized that I don’t have to choose. I can do what I want.

Everything I want.

I can help others (something that is written into my DNA as an Advocate personality (

I can create – write, design, paint, draw. You name it.

I can teach and express my love for languages – translation, proofreading, teaching…


Providing the services I provide.

It finally clicked.

So, that strange girl that was a bit too colorful and different for her own people decided to try to help other feel proud of their message and make more impact, by creating their visual identity aligned with their brand.

Because everything I do is related – everything I do is art.

And combined, all these “different” passions translate into a powerful and purposeful brand!

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