Tav the Duck

Tav the Duck (www.tavtheduck.com) is a T-shirt company. A brand that supports charities and donates part of the profit to different causes. The Duck, called Tav, travels around the world and collects memories and photos from every place he’s been and puts them on the T-shirts.

I worked directly with the founder, Krismelys Diaz, on the strategy she wanted to implement both for the branding identity and marketing, in order to further develop the brand. I started out as a Graphic Designer and I had to prepare the designs for the T-shirts, that you can see below, but the relationship evolved into a full immersion into the project. The idea was to insert Tav into the photos and to this purpose, I created a comic-like version of the original photos, to match the style of his character.

Krismelys, Mihaela Mihaylova, a Marketing Specialist, and I worked as a team to produce and implement the branding and marketing strategies (Social Media content, blog posts, WordPress maintenance, future products, etc.) needed to launch Tav the Duck.

I worked on the project from December 2017 to March 2018.

Brand Guide cover Brooklyn Bridge comic Staten Island Ferry comic Printful Empire State comic Printful Worlds Fair comic
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